Scammer flips out: Trolling a scam caller from "BT"

I had a period of receiving scam calls from "BT" and decided I would see how far I could push them.

It turns out you can have a lot of fun with these people and while you are wasting their time they aren't scamming someone else.

The key was to get them on the hook to invest time in me as usually they cotton on and hang up so I needed some bait. I setup a Virtual PC which I could let them take control of which then gave them confidence I was susceptible.

I have some more ideas on how I can have fun with these people which I'll explore when I get a bit more time but in the meantime enjoy the video and remember

Remember: never trust anyone who phones you out of the blue. Always phone back on a trusted known number of the organisation and importantly never buy anything from BT, they're a rip off..